To get to the winner’s circle for families, you need to have a plan or vision. Every family needs a vision for boatsinkingwhere they are heading. Without it, you are simply going to be tossed back and forth like a ship in a storm. And you don’t need us to tell you there are  storms all around us!

How you ever felt like this ship trying to deal with all with the crazy stuff that gets thrown at families these days?

For your family to come out on top as a winner, your vision MUST include a strategy. We are here to help you develop that.

There are 4 keys to having an effective vision for your family. You decide if our plan makes sense or not. The Family Life Winners Plan is made up of the 4 P’s:

1) Purpose – finding and pursuing your God-given destiny,

2) Protection – you need a plan to cover every aspect of family life,

3) Provision –  Jesus Christ is our source for our finances, health, happiness,

4) Preparation – you need to understand the times and get prepared.

This is only meant to give you some direction and ideas and some possible opportunities. All families have some basic needs but every family is unique. It is up to you how to put these strategies into play. These all work together and overlap in many ways.


The purpose of every person and family is NOT just to eat, sleep, irritate one another, and take up space. We all have a specific purpose or destiny that was given to us by God. It is our job to discover it and then pursue it. In general, our purpose is to honor and glorify the Lord in all that we do and to be good stewards.

Family plays a huge role in this process because this is the best place to develop our God-given talents and learn how to walk them out. The family can either function as a powerful springboard to seeing this happen or it can function as a massive cesspool pulling you down into a stinking mess.

One clue to tell you whether you have discovered your true destiny ordained by God  is that you are not focused on just your own fulfillment, but on being a benefit and a shining example to others.

That may include starting a family business on the internet. What are you passionate about and want to share with others for their benefit? We have specific ways that you can make progress in these areas. Take a look at our:

Online Men’s Destiny Teams 

Good Stewards of Our Freedom in America

Celebrating The Lord’s Biblical Feasts

New Seed Funding To Pursue Your True Passion/Calling 



Let’s face it. Families have lots of needs. Some are simple and some can get very complicated. We must be able able to recognize the true source of our provision, and it is not the government or your rich uncle.

God is not stingy and He wants us to walk in abundance, but we need to operate with  a Godly motivation. Having a thankful heart, having a desire to give, and having a wise wealth-building plan are all vital to winning provision. Provision and giving go hand-in-hand.

We can’t be much of a blessing to others if we are constantly lacking ourselves. God’s plan for success and prosperity begins with giving. There are times to give without expecting a return but there is also a very important Biblical truth called Sowing and Reaping.  Get help here:

CrowdFunding with a Unique and Global Twist

Helping Fellow Entrepreneurs

Private Banking and Trading Solutions (being developed)


The family home is supposed to be a safe place – a place where relationships and trust and love and faith can grow. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we live in a very dangerous world.

The great news is that we have a Heavenly Father and we are a part of His Heavenly family. He is the ultimate source of our protection. We do have important roles to play, though in promoting a healthy lifestyle and preserving our resources in a hostile environment. If we neglect these roles, our families can suffer.


Faith Based Insurance

Organic Foods Delivered Home

Protecting Your Finances (Silver and Gold)



An awesome example of this is how the Lord used Joseph in Egypt to prepare the people for the coming famine. God had an incredible plan for them but they had a careful path to walk before they could get there.

To be prepared for the challenges of the future, we must first have direction from the Lord. We must have an understanding of what is going on around us and know what steps to take.

What may we need to be prepared for? Some of the possibilities might include natural disasters or major economic changes which will affect the communities and neighborhoods we live in. Will you and your family be prepared to stand strong and be a beacon of light for others?

Community Emergency Response Teams

Crypto Currency “Ebay” Platform (Coming Very Soon)


Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

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