What Is The Resolution From Courageous To Men Who Have No Anchor?

What Is The Resolution
From Courageous To Men?

What is the resolution from Courageous to men all over the world who don’t know who they are supposed to be? Millions of men in this condition have created a vacuum in our society. What Is The Resolution From Courageous

This vacuum is threatening to turn into a black-hole that may suck up everything in its way. Can’t you feel that strange sucking sensation when you step outside in the morning?

It is a result of men who are searching for their destiny but think they don’t know where to start. It is really quite simple. It starts with our Heavenly Father.

What Is The Resolution From Courageous?

So what is the resolution from Courageous? It is the male black-hole buster.

To be more specific, the resolution from Courageous is from the movie which provides a Godly blueprint for men to follow to realize their destiny. The Courageous film couldn’t be more timely in dealing with the black-hole growing inside men.

If you haven’t noticed, men and women are wired differently. It has nothing to do with some laughable evolutionary process either. God wired men to seek out and overcome challenges.

The problem is that most men have chosen to express that aspect of their nature through physical tasks and through the corporate world. There is nothing wrong with either of these endeavors.

The problem comes in the fact that they have neglected their role as captain of the ship of their family from the relational and spiritual viewpoints.

Men tend to be practical and concrete in the way they respond to the circumstances and people around them. The roles of husband and father and friend to other men tend not to be so practical.

Our relationship with God and Jesus Christ is often very impractical. As a result, men tend to avoid the relational aspect of their lives and hope that being a successful provider and protector for their families will be enough.

There is so much more to being a man. Men are practical and they like instruction manuals for the most part, and they thrive on being challenged.

What Is The Resolution From Courageous To You?

What is the resolution from Courageous? It is that blueprint which gives men concrete ways to discover and grow in their Godly destinies as men.

That is where the Resolution For Men comes into play which is described and enacted amongst a group of men in the Movie Courageous. It gives men a powerful and God-filled plan to find themselves.

What is the resolution from Courageous? It is an life-changing opportunity for men to step into exciting uncharted waters of their real identities with a strategy to follow.

The strategy has always been in the Word of God but often times seemed to complicated or impractical.

Guys usually struggle with words like submission and meekness and turning the other cheek. Scripture also talks about taking dominion, about being above only and not beneath, about taking the kingdom by force, and about being more than conquerors in Christ.

God never asked for us to act like women in our spiritual walk and in our relationships.

Are you ready to make a courageous resolution? Are you willing to join with us male black-hole busters?

Michael Ecuyer

P.S. WHAT IS THE RESOLUTION FROM COURAGEOUS to men who are ready to escape the black-hole of passivity in their family relationships? Join with other men through our on-line Courageous Destiny Teams at the link above.

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