The Glory of Man – How Can A Wife Honor Her Husband?

The Glory of Man?

I was made for the glory of man?  This was the question I began to ponder over 21 years ago as a new bride. Whenever I spent time alone with the Lord, He would continually show me these scriptures about the glory of man found in 1 Corinthians 11:7-17! The Gloryof Man

I grew up in church, and I never remember hearing anything so strange. Weren’t each of us made for God’s glory?

In verse 7, we read “For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God,but the woman is the glory of the man.”

It goes on to explain this in verse 8:”For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.

This may be very difficult for many women to stomach. This passage is saying our God-given calling is related to the fact that we were created FOR man. Our purpose in pleasing God is directly connected to the glory of man.

“For this reason the woman should have a symbol of authority on her head because of the angels. Nevertheless, neither is the man independent of the woman, nor the woman independent of the man, in the Lord. For as the woman came from man, even so man comes by the woman; but all things are from God.”

“Judge for yourselves: is it proper that a woman pray to God uncovered? Does not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man has long hair, it is a shameful?”

“But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her, for her hair is given to her as a covering. But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither do the churches of God.”

As I began to meditate on these verses, I could see clearly that my purpose on this earth was extremely important for the men in my life to bring glory to my Creator. I was not made for God’s glory, but for the glory of man.

The Glory of Man Question

I was now faced with discovering how I could bring glory to man?

I had no idea the kind of opposition I would receive. Because I believed this, many friends and family members thought I was putting myself down. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First off, this verse is not about whether you need to wear something on your head. I believe this is where the church has gotten off on a bunny trail, and missed the whole point.  Paul says there is no set command in the church regarding a head covering in verse 16.

Amazingly, as the Lord always does in my life, He began confirming His Word to me through many Bible teachers. Even with all the opposition, I was convinced this is what God’s Word was saying.

How do you adjust your life knowing this truth?  Now, instead of it being all about my agenda, it is about my husband and the men in my life fulfilling their destiny. It is about the glory of man.

It is about me assisting them to do all that the Lord requires so that they can bring Him glory!

Walking Out The Glory of Man For A Woman

How can you do this and live a rewarding life?

1) Meditate on His Word and ask God what He wants you to do. Investigate this whole idea, don’t just take my word for it.  You will do much better with things when you hear from Him yourself.

2) Find ways to bring glory to the men in your life by encouraging them, assisting them, praying for them, and submitting to them.

3) As you are led, spread this truth to others, and

4) Exercise your faith daily! Everything that is not of faith is sin. If you can’t get your faith wrapped around this, then don’t do it at all.

As you begin to bring glory to man, the men in your life will bring glory to God. In this, you will be acting as Christ in laying down your life for another.  The rewards on earth and in heaven are exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think!


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