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What Is A Craving To Baskin-Robbins Compared To The Word of God?

What Is A Craving?

What is a craving when we have to decide every day which one we will feed better, our bodies or our spirits? What do you find yourself craving the most often? What Is A Craving

Having a special craving for food or craving sweets is something we have all enjoyed or payed for at some point.

The definition of craving something can
easily be described by the feeling you get for a pint of Baskin-Robbins ice cream, or a Starbucks’ mocha frap, or a hot fudge sundae, or even a romantic get away with your spouse.

While these are not bad things, isn’t there something else we need to be craving on a regular basis?

What Is A Craving From God?

Recently, when I was worshiping, I heard the lyrics to a song which said, “All I want is you, All I crave is you.”  As I was singing, I asked myself the following question. Is all I crave You, Lord?

Though I am sincerely passionate about the Lord, and though my favorite thing to do is to worship Him, I realized I had other cravings.  I hated the results of my self examination.

I believe I heard God’s Spirit telling me to replace any craving I had with time in His Word. Heeding the Lord’s most perfect advice, I decided that when I had a strong desire for anything, I would replace it with time spent in His Word.

1 Peter 2:2 advices us clearly about this when it says,”Like newborn babies, you must crave the pure spiritual milk of the Word so that you will grow up to His full   salvation.” Now don’t just pass over that word “crave” again.

What is a craving for His Word? Is our desire for His life-giving Word stronger than the things we want from this world?

I thought of all the people caught in bondage to all kinds of cravings. The list goes from food and pornography to cigarettes and money, from chocolate to video games, and from sex to gambling.  None of these things can truly satisfy you.

What is a craving to the world? These cravings can often lead to addictions! Statistics show that people’s cravings are painfully ruining their lives.

In 2010 there was an estimated 22.6 million Americans over the age of 12 that were current or former illicit drug users. It has also been reported that 76 million people have been exposed to alcoholism somewhere in their family. 72 million Internet users visit pornographic web sites per year.

I wonder what the stats are for those who are addicted to His Word?

84% of college counselors agree that Internet Addiction Disorder is a legitimate disorder. Forty-one percent of people who play online video games admit that they play computer games to escape from the real world. This addiction is associated with a very strong desire to seek new sensations.

The Real Answer To What Is A Craving?

There is only one thing truly worthy of our cravings. There is only one thing that can fully satisfy our deepest desires. When we truly long for the pure milk of His Word, everything else will come into its proper place.

Then I believe we will be able to enjoy His blessings and His benefits without falling into  bondage, or even go down the path toward the evil addictions of the tempter.

In closing, Proverbs 8:11 says this:”…for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Nothing we desire should compare with our hunger for His Word.

Lord, help us to desire the sincere milk of your Word above all, and make this our only craving!


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