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What Are The Promises of God and How Can We Activate Them?

What Are The Promises of God?

What are the promises of God that have the ability to turn your life into the What Are The Promises of Godmost wonderful experience ever? The promises of God in Scripture to His children are both plentiful and available. They are ripe for the picking.

The promises of God in the Bible are probably numbered in the thousands. As a result, we will only focus on seven life-changing promises that we think you will be very interested in.

 What Are The Promises of God –                7 To Remember

What are the promises of God that you definitely want to remember? Your access to the promises of God start with His first promise.

1) The first promise is through your confession of Jesus Christ as Lord of your life which enables you to enter into the glory of God’s salvation.

This first promise is the foundation for all the others. Salvation through Jesus is a life-altering gift from God. This makes us God’s sons and daughters and brings
us eternal life and the abundant life right now.

2) The second promise is that God your Father has already supplied all of your needs ACCORDING TO HIS riches. We have need of only one source and God is the Giver of every good gift we could ever have.

3) The third promise is that God has given us victory in every situation. It’s a bit like the battle-war thing. We never have to lose a battle but if we do, He has promised victory for the war.

For example, you may given into the battle of your addiction to cigarettes for a day, but your full victory is just around the corner.

4) The fourth promise is that God has given us a way to handle every temptation. Are you struggling with some temptation right now? Just keep reading for your breakthrough.

5) The fifth promise is for the unconditional health of your spirit, soul, and body. You do not have to give in to any type of sickness.

6) The sixth promise is for the protection and safety of yourself and your family.

7) The seventh promise is that the circumstances of your life can all be working together in a master plan for your benefit.

What Are The Promises of God – Time To Receive

What are the promises of God in the Bible for? They are there for us to learn how to activate them and give our testimony of God’s goodness. We must start with
knowing exactly what are the promises of God before we can walk in them.

That means we must spend quality time in God’s Word on a daily basis. As we do, we will also see our faith grow which then leads us to STANDING on the promises of God.

As we stand on His promises and become established in them, we are able to activate them through our faith-filled words. It’s that simple.

Why aren’t more people walking in God’s amazing promises? Their faith is weak because they do not have God’s Words abiding in them yet.

You know we are giving it to you straight here. Quit complaining about your situation and get built up in God’s Word and start exercising your mountain-moving faith.

Michael and Charleen

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