Discover How To Discipline A Child Easily With These 2 Simple Tips

How To Discipline A Child

Knowing how to discipline a child is not that complicated. Many parents unknowingly make it very complex because they usually have forgotten the cardinal rule of disciplining children. How To Discipline A Child

That rule is that effective child discipline can only be administered if you are able to stay calm. We have been parenting young children for quite some time and we realize that this can be a challenge.

The best way to handle this is not to allow yourself to discipline your children unless you are calm.

Follow that rule on how to discipline a child, and most of your frustration as a parent will disappear. Simply give yourself a time out.

The other vital thing to remember is that discipline takes time to have the right effect. This means that you must practice some patience. You obviously know that child discipline doesn’t operate like a microwave. One zap and you are finished.

How To Discipline A Child – 2 Tips

After raising 10 children, we have discovered how to discipline a child in a way that helps us as parents and our children. If you follow these 2 simple tips consistently, you will not be disappointed. Watch your child’s frustration and your frustration melt away.

We call these 2 tips of discipline wisdom the “4to1K” plan. Follow it and you’ll be able to retire from parenting in great shape.

The “4to1” part stands for praising or encouraging your child 4 times for every correction you give. All children learn and make adjustments to their behavior easier when they are getting encouragement. It is the best way to get them motivated.

Start this “4to1K plan immediately on how to discipline children. It will also help you become more aware of how much encouragement you are giving to your children.

Now if you don’t reach 4 encouragements for each correction, that’s alright. Remember to keep 4 as your goal.

The “K” part standing for the the cardinal rule we already mentioned in the beginning. You must be calm before you swat out, I mean dole out, any discipline.

Depending on how much of a challenge this is for you, get your spouse or a good friend to help keep you accountable. This also gives your child a chance to see a positive model of anger management from you. The easy rule for anger management is step away.

Let’s see if this gets you a little hot under the collar. If you can’t manage your own anger, how can expect your child to receive your discipline in a respectful way?

How To Discipline A Child or Teenager

ALL children, even your teenagers, thrive on encouragement! This works great on how to discipline a toddler and also with teenagers. With teenagers, you might need to keep your patience pills handy.

For your discipline to be effective, these 2 tips are NOT OPTIONAL.

Please feel free to share your child discipline stories with us.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. HOW TO DISCIPLINE A CHILD is challenging work but we trust it just got easier for you. Fathers can get more support from our on-line Men’s Destiny Teams at the link above.

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