Bible Scriptures About Faith – Are You Really Walking By Faith?

Bible Scriptures About Faith

Bible Scriptures about faith should be at the top of your list when it comes to God’s Word. I say this because Jesus puts such a high priority on where our faith is. Bible Scriptures About Faith

Have you ever really thought about the meaning of faith?  The Bible Scripture on faith in Hebrews 11 gives us a definition: “Now faith is being sure of what you hope for, certain of what you do not see.”

So, how many of us are sure of what we hope for, or certain of what we do not see?  How many of us stay focused on what God has promised, instead of letting the  circumstances hitting us in the face get us discouraged?

This is a real challenge for me, but I have given this faith journey in my life a lot of attention. If we struggle a lot with trusting the things going on around us instead of God’s Word, then we are not really walking by faith.

When God promises us bread, are we expecting a stone when the pantry is bare?  Will Jesus find faith from you when He returns?

Powerful Bible Scriptures
About Faith

One of my favorite Bible Scriptures about faith is found in Luke 18. Jesus is sharing a parable about a widow who pleads her case before a judge. Jesus is instructing His disciples on the value of prayer and not getting discouraged.

This unrighteous judge showed the widow favor because of her boldness and persistence. Jesus gives us some insight into how faith works here. He tells the disciples that their Heavenly Father will certainly give them favor if they act like this widow.

True faith involves being bold and not taking no for an answer. Jesus finishes with a cutting question in verse 8: “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

This Scripture about faith is not about begging God, as many people may think. It is about trusting that God hears us and is setting things in motion on our behalf, no matter what the circumstances may be. That requires us to get our hearts established on Scriptures about faith.

Let’s look at some Bible Scriptures about faith found in the chapter 10 of the Book of Daniel that clearly illustrate this. An Angel tells Daniel that his prayer was heard from the first day he made it, even though he had been praying for 21 days. He tells him, “I have come in answer to your prayer.”

Yes, from the first day we ask IN FAITH, He already starts the wheels in motion to see our request come forth.

When we read the New Testament, we see endless accounts of how faith made people well, and how a lack of faith hindered miracles. Since the church’s beginning, faith was a major ingredient, and faith is the only way to please our Heavenly Father, Yahweh.

Bible Scriptures About Faith and Unbelief

Will we raise our standard of faith and choose to stand on Scriptures about faith?

The opposite of faith is unbelief. In Hebrews 3:19, we are told what kept the Israelites from entering their promise, “So we see that they were not able to enter because of unbelief.” Unbelief is the most grievous sin to God.

We see more Bible scriptures about faith and unbelief in Mark 6:4-6. Jesus was not able to do much in Nazareth because the people there had trouble believing in Him.

Let’s judge Him faithful who promised, and make a commitment today. We must learn from the lessons of the Israelites and from those who lived in New Testament times, to be a people who walk by faith and not by sight.


P.S. My prayer is that these BIBLE SCRIPTURES ABOUT FAITH will strengthen you. I invite you to exercise your faith in some special promises made by our Heavenly Father at the link above.

How To Teach Your Children Well So They Can Change The World

How To Teach Your Children Well

As parents you must know how to teach your children well these days, so they can successfully handle the unique challenges of today’s changing world. If you teach your children well, they will be positioned to be the leaders of tomorrow. How To Teach Your Children Well

The first step to knowing how to teach your children well is by GETTING CLOSELY INVOLVED in their education.

This lets your children know there is real value in putting forth effort towards their education.

Here are 2 great ways for to accomplish this. The first one is the bare minimum and the second one is the filet mignon for excellence in education.

How To Teach
Your Children Well

We call our 2 world-changing tips to help you get closely involved in your child’s education “The Kangaroo Approach”.

1) Our first suggestion is to increase your level of participation in your child’s schooling. This keeps them in your kangaroo pouch. This has to be a major priority for you.

Don’t let this be just an after-thought if you are truly committed to learning how to teach your children well.

One way you can easily do this  is by communicating briefly but often with your child’s teacher by email. Begin by encouraging the teacher and thanking them. Make sure that you do not start things off by criticizing them.

The second easy step to take is to encourage your child to actively work with the teacher based on their interests and talents. This will allow them some chances to take some leadership in their education.

While every child needs a solid foundation in the core subjects, we believe it is very beneficial for them to pursue some educational experiences related to their individual abilities at an early age.

2) Our 2nd suggestion is much more involved and keeps them squarely in your pouch. It is also the best way to get closely involved in their education.

So much is being formed in your child during these early years and it is not necessary for you, as their parent, to be on the sideline.

We are talking about homeschooling. Don’t just pass this off because you think it’s too much work or you just don’t have the time. Seriously take a good look at
this option. By the way, we have homeschooled our 10 children for the past 12 years.

We want the best for our children as we are sure you do, too. With home schooling, you must know how to teach your children well and how to teach your children to be leaders.

Our oldest is taking the LSAT to enter law school at the age of 19 years. Another son wants to be involved in law enforcement. Our oldest daughter is looking at being a mid-wife. Two are fascinated with media production from a graphics arts and a writing perspective.

How To Teach Your Children Well For Leadership

We believe that you are the best teacher your child could ever have. All the studies show homeschooled students consistently test much better than public and private education students on standardized tests.

The homeschooling environment also helps your child to become a leader in their own education. This teaches them to see the world through the eyes of a leader.

Leadership abilities don’t develop in a vacuum. With the support groups and family associations available now for homeschooling parents all across this nation, you don’t have to worry about that.

We invite to so some research on this. By practicing how to teach your children well, you are positioning your child to change the world.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. You now have some real options on HOW TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Another source of support for men are our on-line men’s destiny teams available at the link above.

Using Scriptures About Authority To Deal With Our Enemy

Scriptures About Authority

There are Scriptures about authority that we must become established on to deal a crushing blow to the enemy of our soul. Before we look at those Scriptures, let’s ask ourselves some questions about what is Christian authority over our enemy. Scriptures About Authority

Should we ever get bullied around by the devil?  Didn’t Jesus defeat the devil, and seat us in heavenly places with Him?

Why then are we allowing sickness, fear, sin, torment, addictions, failure, or insecurity to keep us from the victory we should be experiencing?

Did God promise that He would never lie to us? What is the work of the devil? Does it look like the Body of Christ understands what is church authority when it comes to dealing with the work of the enemy?

One of the meanings of the Greek word for authority is superhuman strength. Do we really have this?

God gave us superhuman or supernatural ability, and what are we doing with it? We should be walking around like the “Incredibles” family in a spiritual sense!

Scriptures About Authority Answers

Let’s get started using some Scriptures about authority to answer these questions above.

Since Jesus defeated the devil, should Christians ever get bullied?

Luke 10:17-19 fully answers this question. Jesus tells His disciples and every Believer after them that they have been given power over the enemy and nothing should be able to hurt them. The case is closed.

Were we seated in Heavenly places with Him?

For this answer, we will look at one of the Scriptures on authority found in Ephesians 2:6. Paul tells us that God our Father “seated us with Him in the heavenly places because we are united with Christ Jesus.”

The next question was has God lied.

The easy answer is found in Numbers 23:19 where it says this,”God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

The final question to answer was related to the nature of the work of the devil.

Let’s look another one of the Scriptures about authority in Acts 10:38. It says that Jesus went about doing good and “…healing all that were oppressed of the devil.”

This clearly tells us the work of the devil is oppression. This means to put in bondage or to be weighed down. This Scripture also speaks of the authority that Jesus had over the enemy’s works.

Scriptures About Authority Centurion Style

We must begin to exercise our authority as the Body of Christ!

Jesus’ response to the centurion gives us the best picture of authority and how we should be living.

This passage from Scriptures about authority is found in Matthew 8. Jesus marvels at the great faith of this centurion BECAUSE HE UNDERSTOOD THE CONCEPT OF AUTHORITY.

Jesus tells the centurion in verse 13:”Go; let it be done for you as you have believed. And the servant was healed at that very moment.”

This is one of the most powerful Bible scriptures about faith. This suggests that when we honor our authorities, when we understand our authority, and when we exercise our authority, it is extremely pleasing to the Lord.

What can we do to understand and use this authority in Christ?

1. We must meditate on scriptures about authority.
2. We absolutely need to submit to, and honor the authorities placed in our lives.
3. We should begin to exercise our authority BY FAITH on a daily basis.

Resolve today, to be a person of centurion faith. If we do this, we will not only do the works that Jesus did, but we will also please our Heavenly Daddy. For we know that without faith, it is impossible to please Him.


P.S. These SCRIPTURES ABOUT AUTHORITY speak of a deepening relationship with God our Father. I invite you to learn about some additional powerful ways that you and your family can draw closer to the Lord at the link above.

What Is Healthy Living For Today’s Busy Families?

What Is Healthy Living Today?

What is healthy living to families that are always on the go? Committing to some simple healthy living tips is not out of reach for the busiest of families nowadays. What Is Healthy Living

We have for you, with a cinnamon roll – I mean a drum roll please, 3 great tips for healthy living. If you work these 3 amazing changes into your normal family routine, you will see your family’s health transformed.

The key here is to create a habit, and most research indicates good habits can be formed within 20 days if they are repeated daily. Why is it that bad habits can be formed almost overnight but the good ones take a lot more effort?

These 3 tips are the answer to what is healthy living for families on the go. Parents can use them to challenge their family to take the path to better health. And we are NOT talking about eating at Subway for the next 3 months.

What Is Healthy Living Questionnaire

Here are 2 quick questions before we introduce you to this challenge.

1) Are you tired of those costly medical bills and time-consuming doctor visits? Please indicate with a yes or a no.

2) If there was a fun and effective challenge for your family to accept which guaranteed improving your health, WOULD YOU TAKE IT? Please answer with a yes.

We call our 3 tips the Healthy Sandwich Challenge.

What Is Healthy Living In 3 Simple Steps?

Here are the 3 parts to our “Healthy Sandwich” that will open the doors to healthy living for your family.

A) The 1st piece of bread is ADDING a variety of raw foods in your daily diet. This can be some type of fruit or veggies that are uncooked and unprocessed. Also consider something like raisins or nuts or seeds that have not been loaded down with preservatives and other tasty chemicals.

B) The meat of this sandwich is carving out 5 to 10 minutes of DAILY exercise. Schedule a variety of quick but fun activities that you can do on the road if necessary. Get ideas from your kids.

C) The second piece of bread is adding 1 fun family activity each week to lower the tension or stress that usually builds between loving brothers and sisters. Again, assign some of  your children to get them involved in some new ideas.

Here is the sandwich again: raw foods, daily exercise, and a weekly fun activity.

What is healthy living when your medical bills start disappearing? The surprising part about all of this is you can put some money aside from what you save due to less visits to the doctor’s office. Use this to fund a short family trip.

To help get everyone motivated, get everyone’s approval for that fun family trip. Get ideas from your little ones each week about some raw foods to add to your diet. Put somebody in charge of planning the weekly fun activity and write it down on your calendar.

What are healthy eating habits in your home? Healthy parents who can keep up with their healthy children.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS HEALTHY LIVING for today’s busy families? It is a balanced approach to diet, exercise, and fun. To reach that balance, on-line men’s destiny teams are forming to give you some help at the link above.

Discover How To Discipline A Child Easily With These 2 Simple Tips

How To Discipline A Child

Knowing how to discipline a child is not that complicated. Many parents unknowingly make it very complex because they usually have forgotten the cardinal rule of disciplining children. How To Discipline A Child

That rule is that effective child discipline can only be administered if you are able to stay calm. We have been parenting young children for quite some time and we realize that this can be a challenge.

The best way to handle this is not to allow yourself to discipline your children unless you are calm.

Follow that rule on how to discipline a child, and most of your frustration as a parent will disappear. Simply give yourself a time out.

The other vital thing to remember is that discipline takes time to have the right effect. This means that you must practice some patience. You obviously know that child discipline doesn’t operate like a microwave. One zap and you are finished.

How To Discipline A Child – 2 Tips

After raising 10 children, we have discovered how to discipline a child in a way that helps us as parents and our children. If you follow these 2 simple tips consistently, you will not be disappointed. Watch your child’s frustration and your frustration melt away.

We call these 2 tips of discipline wisdom the “4to1K” plan. Follow it and you’ll be able to retire from parenting in great shape.

The “4to1” part stands for praising or encouraging your child 4 times for every correction you give. All children learn and make adjustments to their behavior easier when they are getting encouragement. It is the best way to get them motivated.

Start this “4to1K plan immediately on how to discipline children. It will also help you become more aware of how much encouragement you are giving to your children.

Now if you don’t reach 4 encouragements for each correction, that’s alright. Remember to keep 4 as your goal.

The “K” part standing for the the cardinal rule we already mentioned in the beginning. You must be calm before you swat out, I mean dole out, any discipline.

Depending on how much of a challenge this is for you, get your spouse or a good friend to help keep you accountable. This also gives your child a chance to see a positive model of anger management from you. The easy rule for anger management is step away.

Let’s see if this gets you a little hot under the collar. If you can’t manage your own anger, how can expect your child to receive your discipline in a respectful way?

How To Discipline A Child or Teenager

ALL children, even your teenagers, thrive on encouragement! This works great on how to discipline a toddler and also with teenagers. With teenagers, you might need to keep your patience pills handy.

For your discipline to be effective, these 2 tips are NOT OPTIONAL.

Please feel free to share your child discipline stories with us.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. HOW TO DISCIPLINE A CHILD is challenging work but we trust it just got easier for you. Fathers can get more support from our on-line Men’s Destiny Teams at the link above.

What Is A Craving To Baskin-Robbins Compared To The Word of God?

What Is A Craving?

What is a craving when we have to decide every day which one we will feed better, our bodies or our spirits? What do you find yourself craving the most often? What Is A Craving

Having a special craving for food or craving sweets is something we have all enjoyed or payed for at some point.

The definition of craving something can
easily be described by the feeling you get for a pint of Baskin-Robbins ice cream, or a Starbucks’ mocha frap, or a hot fudge sundae, or even a romantic get away with your spouse.

While these are not bad things, isn’t there something else we need to be craving on a regular basis?

What Is A Craving From God?

Recently, when I was worshiping, I heard the lyrics to a song which said, “All I want is you, All I crave is you.”  As I was singing, I asked myself the following question. Is all I crave You, Lord?

Though I am sincerely passionate about the Lord, and though my favorite thing to do is to worship Him, I realized I had other cravings.  I hated the results of my self examination.

I believe I heard God’s Spirit telling me to replace any craving I had with time in His Word. Heeding the Lord’s most perfect advice, I decided that when I had a strong desire for anything, I would replace it with time spent in His Word.

1 Peter 2:2 advices us clearly about this when it says,”Like newborn babies, you must crave the pure spiritual milk of the Word so that you will grow up to His full   salvation.” Now don’t just pass over that word “crave” again.

What is a craving for His Word? Is our desire for His life-giving Word stronger than the things we want from this world?

I thought of all the people caught in bondage to all kinds of cravings. The list goes from food and pornography to cigarettes and money, from chocolate to video games, and from sex to gambling.  None of these things can truly satisfy you.

What is a craving to the world? These cravings can often lead to addictions! Statistics show that people’s cravings are painfully ruining their lives.

In 2010 there was an estimated 22.6 million Americans over the age of 12 that were current or former illicit drug users. It has also been reported that 76 million people have been exposed to alcoholism somewhere in their family. 72 million Internet users visit pornographic web sites per year.

I wonder what the stats are for those who are addicted to His Word?

84% of college counselors agree that Internet Addiction Disorder is a legitimate disorder. Forty-one percent of people who play online video games admit that they play computer games to escape from the real world. This addiction is associated with a very strong desire to seek new sensations.

The Real Answer To What Is A Craving?

There is only one thing truly worthy of our cravings. There is only one thing that can fully satisfy our deepest desires. When we truly long for the pure milk of His Word, everything else will come into its proper place.

Then I believe we will be able to enjoy His blessings and His benefits without falling into  bondage, or even go down the path toward the evil addictions of the tempter.

In closing, Proverbs 8:11 says this:”…for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Nothing we desire should compare with our hunger for His Word.

Lord, help us to desire the sincere milk of your Word above all, and make this our only craving!


P.S. WHAT IS A CRAVING when it comes to walking with the Creator of your soul? Discover these exciting ways to walk in God’s Word and satisfy your sweet tooth at the link above.

What Is The Resolution From Courageous To Men Who Have No Anchor?

What Is The Resolution
From Courageous To Men?

What is the resolution from Courageous to men all over the world who don’t know who they are supposed to be? Millions of men in this condition have created a vacuum in our society. What Is The Resolution From Courageous

This vacuum is threatening to turn into a black-hole that may suck up everything in its way. Can’t you feel that strange sucking sensation when you step outside in the morning?

It is a result of men who are searching for their destiny but think they don’t know where to start. It is really quite simple. It starts with our Heavenly Father.

What Is The Resolution From Courageous?

So what is the resolution from Courageous? It is the male black-hole buster.

To be more specific, the resolution from Courageous is from the movie which provides a Godly blueprint for men to follow to realize their destiny. The Courageous film couldn’t be more timely in dealing with the black-hole growing inside men.

If you haven’t noticed, men and women are wired differently. It has nothing to do with some laughable evolutionary process either. God wired men to seek out and overcome challenges.

The problem is that most men have chosen to express that aspect of their nature through physical tasks and through the corporate world. There is nothing wrong with either of these endeavors.

The problem comes in the fact that they have neglected their role as captain of the ship of their family from the relational and spiritual viewpoints.

Men tend to be practical and concrete in the way they respond to the circumstances and people around them. The roles of husband and father and friend to other men tend not to be so practical.

Our relationship with God and Jesus Christ is often very impractical. As a result, men tend to avoid the relational aspect of their lives and hope that being a successful provider and protector for their families will be enough.

There is so much more to being a man. Men are practical and they like instruction manuals for the most part, and they thrive on being challenged.

What Is The Resolution From Courageous To You?

What is the resolution from Courageous? It is that blueprint which gives men concrete ways to discover and grow in their Godly destinies as men.

That is where the Resolution For Men comes into play which is described and enacted amongst a group of men in the Movie Courageous. It gives men a powerful and God-filled plan to find themselves.

What is the resolution from Courageous? It is an life-changing opportunity for men to step into exciting uncharted waters of their real identities with a strategy to follow.

The strategy has always been in the Word of God but often times seemed to complicated or impractical.

Guys usually struggle with words like submission and meekness and turning the other cheek. Scripture also talks about taking dominion, about being above only and not beneath, about taking the kingdom by force, and about being more than conquerors in Christ.

God never asked for us to act like women in our spiritual walk and in our relationships.

Are you ready to make a courageous resolution? Are you willing to join with us male black-hole busters?

Michael Ecuyer

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What Is The Joy of the Lord When We Are Programmed To Complain?

What Is The Joy of the Lord?

What is the joy of the Lord to a society that seems to take pride in complaining. People think that you are wimpy if you don’t make a complaint about every little offense. That makes for a lot of grumpy and joyless folks. What Is The Joy of The Lord

Have you ever wondered if the joy of the Lord is my strength, then why am I not more joyful? From the looks on some of our faces, you would never know we have a victorious King who made complete provision for us.

Have we allowed that complaining, whining, and criticizing side of our nature to take over when any little roadblock gets in our way?

If joy is our strength, then, I guess that means we are really weak! Are we acting like we know that Jesus paid the ultimate price to give us victory in every situation?

What Is The Joy of the Lord?
God’s Word

In Nehemiah 8, we get a picture of what is the joy of the Lord. Nehemiah has the people  gathered together reading from the book of the law as the Lord had commanded them.

As they did this, the people began to understand the law and it caused them to weep. They really came to know God through what was in His Word.

Nehemiah told them not to be grieved, for the joy of the Lord was their strength. Their response was awesome. They celebrated by eating, drinking, and having a ball! They knew how to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

What is the joy of the Lord when things seems to be stacked against us? Are we stuck with falling into aggravation, sorrow, fear, or disappointment when things don’t go our way?

I believe we must choose to believe that God is operating on our behalf when things look impossibly hopeless, or even terrifying.

We can do this because we have a Heavenly Father we can trust through the promises in His Word. That’s a lot to be joyful about. Isn’t Jesus, Yeshua, the Word who became flesh?

We’ve got to get God’s Word living in us so richly that His Word comes out when we are squeezed by our circumstances. Spend time soaking yourself in scriptures about joy.

God didn’t leave us as orphans, but sent His Holy Spirit to live in us! We have the same power that rose Christ from the dead living in us!  How can we do anything but be joyful?

What Is The Joy Of The Lord Scriptures

What is the joy of the Lord? Let’s look at some scripture verses on joy.

I love this scripture on joy found in James 1:2-3 that tells us to:”Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

Our response nasty trials should be joy because those trials exercise our faith which leads to endurance. And if we endure in faith and joy, we will lack nothing. If we can stand firm in our joy, we will find victory continually.

Psalm 16:11 tells us that in God’s presence, there is fullness of joy.

Jesus tells us in John 15:11 that when His words abide in us, our joy may be full.

Also, we are told in Galatians 5:22 that joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit have His way.

What is the joy of the Lord? I love thinking of Abraham, who believed in God’s promise of being the Father of many nations when he had no son. God told him to look at the stars and believe. He was strengthened to receive his promise.

I wonder what we could see in our own lives, if we would choose joy, instead of complaining, and exercise our faith in trying times.

Choose joy and find great strength in the One who created you, and supplied your every need.

Charleen Ecuyer

P.S. WHAT IS THE JOY OF THE LORD when you are stuck in a current of complaining? Look into these fun celebrations to bring your family into the fullness of God’s joy at the link above.

How To Hear From God When Your Hearing Aid Isn’t Working

How To Hear From God

A big challenge we all face from time to time is how to hear from God. Some of you may be facing the problem of how can I hear God most of the time. We really feel sorry for you. Just kidding. How To Hear From God

This isn’t the kind of question you can go asking people you don’t know very well. You could end up getting a visit from the obamacare inspectors and have to answer a lot of questions.

It is vital that you have a good grasp on how to hear from God. You must understand that the problem is not on God’s end.

He talks to you all the time. Now don’t go yelling this on the street corner.

The real problem is with your hearing aid. We think most people are in this current condition. That’s why things are in such a mess. Then of course, there are Christians who know how to hear God, but don’t bother to obey Him.

Disobedience is a major possible cause that is getting in the way of you hearing from God. Remember that God hasn’t stopped talking to His children. You have just gotten hard of hearing because of your failure to listen and obey.

My How To Hear From God

     Personal Example

Let me use myself as an example.

I believe that the Lord has given me a task to complete. He gave it to me several months ago. It wasn’t a simple task like go sit in the chair. It was a task that I had to ask Him how to get it done.

Now if you are paying attention, I just gave you one big key on how to hear from God. Ask Him a question and then listen.

Do you see how tough this is? I’m not saying that you will hear back from Him in a couple of minutes, though.

How can I hear from God? It is a bit like a radio. If you are not tuned in to the right station, you are out of luck. The awesome thing is that God is on a lot of stations.

Let’s get back to my example. My tasked involves communicating with other people. I believe He showed me a plan to get this done. I worked on it slowly and was dragging my feet a bit.

God also told me there was some ground I needed to conquer first. I was obeying in a way, but was avoiding taking my land. This is the same issue several of the tribes of Israel had after they entered their Promise Land a second time.

God told me exactly the same thing this morning when I was driving to work. He spoke to me through the Scripture in Joshua where he asks his buddies how long will they neglect taking the land they were given.

How To Hear From God Is Easy

God also speaks to us through His Word. This is not rocket science here. The struggle comes up on how to hear from God when you don’t bother to get familiar with His written Word.

The point is, why was I dragging my sweet-smelling feet? The Lord knew I had to deal with the reason for my procrastination. I was afraid of failing.

I said it. Now I can squash it and move on.

You need to hear from God, because when you do, you are ready to take on any hurdle or mountain and win.

The funny thing is that you already now how to hear from God. Stop asking yourself how I can hear God. It is the same as hearing from any another person.

The first step is to close your mouth, which means to stop talking and begging and complaining. Get someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed for a little while.

Don’t put pressure on yourself. If you are starting out new with this, you have to find some of God’s stations to get tuned in.

Once that happens and you are practicing how to hear from God, we know what your next question will be. How do I talk to God?

The best way is with respect.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. Practicing HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD is a great adventure with limitless benefits. There are on-line men’s destiny teams forming now to support you in your adventure at the link above.

Where O Where Has America The Great Gone?

America The Great Was Free

America the great has handled many challenges since it was first born. Men and women and families sacrificed so much because they had a dream to live in a place where they could serve and worship God freely. America The Great

That freedom came with a price. America the great came to be because God’s favor was upon those men who were willing to resist a government that attempted to keep those freedoms in check.

That freedom, which includes the ability to develop and creatively express yourself and pursue your God-given purpose, was then severely challenged over the issue of slavery. America was torn in two for a while.

It was again challenged with a devastating economic depression and two world wars. America the great stood tall and strong until a movement took place in the entertainment industry.

That movement basically said the pursuit of pleasure will not be restrained by anything. America the great chose to forget where its greatness came from. It is amazing how so much can change in fifty years.

There is some hope in the fact if America has dropped so far in so short a time, it can rise back up and be restored even quicker.

America The Great – Where Are You?

America the great is more accurately described now as America the disgusting. Our news coverage recently has been dominated the past SEVERAL days by the pictures of a British princess’ chest. This is beyond sad.

It would be easy to blame our news agencies but they are only going to report what sells, and America continues to buy into all sorts of lustful adventures.

America seems to be more concerned with being entertained than pursuing the excellence of their destinies.

America the great is more focused on discovering the variety of ways someone can get a free ride. It makes little difference whether it is ethical or not, let alone whether it is immoral or not.

The values that brought this nation to its place of greatness are disappearing fast. Excellence and integrity take a back seat to convenience and mediocrity. America’s motto has become, what can this country do for me.

Are there people left in America who are willing to sacrifice some of their self-seeking adventures to pursue something greater than themselves?

Are there people willing to devote their time and money to make their community a better place to live by impacting real lives?

Look around you. There are families hurting. Single moms and the elderly are pretty much on their own. The institution of the family is barely surviving now.

Where has America the great gone? It has been thrown under the bus with God. Time magazine asked – Is God dead? – on it’s cover in 1966.

The question is totally off mark. The question should have been – Is God dead in the hearts of Americans?

Where has America the great gone? It has gone to sleep with the court decisions that took God out of our schools, that legalized the murder of unborn babies, that and removed God from public life, and are trying to redefine marriage and the family.

The people have embraced themselves as a false god.

God gave a warning that if we forgot Him, forgot all that He has done, and forgot His ways, we would perish.

America The Great Can Be Restored

America the great, can you hear me? I believe that the Church and the homeschooling movement are the keys to restoring our nations to its former greatness. We will soon see.

Michael and Charleen

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