Motivating Words Are The Fuel Your Children Need

Motivating Words

Speaking motivating words to your children is one of the most powerful ways to raise winners in life. They require the right kind of fuel to help them arrive at the best destination. Motivating Words

The more motivating words that you feed to your kids, the higher they will go and the more they will achieve in life. That is every parent’s desire.

Encouraging words have the power to boost your children past many obstacles that will undoubtedly get in their way.

One of the most common hurdles they will have to face is failure or disappointments. It is vital that our children learn from their mistakes  and develop an attitude of not giving up easily.

With this character trait in place, they will already be ahead of 80% of the crowd. Motivating words will help insure that your children do not become quitters.

Motivating Words and Discipline

It is also important to remember that criticism or correction are a part of life. It isn’t fun to be criticized but our kids must learn to accept it when it is given.

A great way to make correction easier to swallow is through starting and ending with some motivating words when we discipline them. They will become discouraged quickly if we don’t do this.

For example, let’s say your child used your toothbrush to clean your dog’s teeth. You might be a bit upset by this thoughtless behavior.

The best way to respond, however, would be to first praise them for being responsible for ole Spot’s care. You would then instruct them in the proper way to clean his teeth. You could finally wrap it up with saying Spot is very fortunate to have someone wanting to care of him.

You also want to make sure that your daily encouragement is genuine.

For instance, you may want  to go overboard with your 4 year old’s crayon masterpiece. But you wouldn’t do the same thing with your 12 year old.

2 Motivating Words Tips

Here are 2 simple tips that will help you stay consistent with giving encouraging words to your children that we call the Checklist To Blast-Off.

We are making this very easy for you because there are only 2 items on your checklist before lift off. Here’s the first item to ask yourself:

1) Have I made my child feel POSITIVE ABOUT THEMSELVES in my dealings with them today? It is both vital and entirely possible for you to correct your child but use encouraging words.

You will know that you were successful if your child can give you a genuine smile after you are finished. Motivating words added to discipline will work miracles.

2) Did my child give 1 encouraging word to someone else today? If you have done a decent job of encouraging your child during the day, it should be easy for them to copy this same behavior with someone else.

It is important that they are both the receiver and giver of motivating words. Make it a habit of asking them how they did this each day.

Put these 2 tips into use as soon as possible to maximize your efforts as a parent.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. Please leave us some comments on your experiences using       MOTIVATING WORDS  and check out this link on some delicious family fun.


What Is The Definition of Morality and How You Can Teach It at Home?

What Is The Definition of Morality?

What is the definition of morality in a culture that teaches you to do what feels good as long as nobody else gets hurt? This is quite dangerous because lots of behaviors can hurt yourself and hurt others in ways that aren’t very obvious. What Is The Definition of Morality

In an effort not to “go Webster on you” in answering what is the definition of morality, we will attempt to give a simple response and a brief exercise you can do at the end.

Morality is following a set of values that influence right behavior.  The tricky question here is who gets to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Today’s culture has been teaching us that morals are determined by what each person thinks is right and wrong.

We are sure you can see the shear stupidity of that position. Every society has some standard for the definition of morals.

What Is The Definition of Morality
In Your Home?

What is the definition of morality when we see the values of goodness disappearing every day? Every family, even so-called atheists, follows some set of values that they use to teach their children.

Some families may even teach their kids it is fine to steal because they have a right to enjoy good things, too. I just watched a video of a mother beating up a 17 year old student on the school bus because he had been beating on her son.

You are already teaching morals in your home whether you realize it or not. Morals equal values, and you are communicating your values every day to your kids.

The big question we are posing to you is this. Where are you getting your morals or values from?

Are you getting them from the world around you? We see the values of the world by watching the evening news and witnessing what goes on around us.  These include power, fame, the love of money, possessions, pleasure, and putting yourself above everything else.

Are you getting them from a religion or some community groups? Which religion or which group is right? What is the definition of morality when there are some religions that give you the right to treat those who disagree with you as if you were as worthless as an animal? What is the definition of morals when you have some groups that put the value of a baby seal over the life of an unborn child?

As parents, where are you getting your morals from? We can’t just make up morals to suit our own purposes. It won’t work. Just look around to see the results of that kind of thinking.

We teach our children to live by Christian values and those are best illustrated by looking at the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible. While ministers can be a help in teaching morality, we believe this is the parent’s responsibility.

What Is The Definition of Morality Exercise

In order to get started with this process at home, we suggest these 2 simple tips:

1) Make a list of the top 5 values that you want your children living by, and

2) Encourage them to to look for illustrations of these values and then discuss their findings while sharing some of your own  experiences.

We are ALL living by faith – it just depends on what you are putting your faith in.

Michael and Charleen

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Family Team Building Creates A Unified Home

Family Team Building

Families need an easy way to create unity in the home and these 2 family team building tips are just what the coaches ordered. We guarantee that you can put these into play immediately.

Why is family unity so important? Families are constantly being pulled apart by so many negative influences and even some good ones.

How many shows can you think of that give a good Family Team Buildingpicture of family life? Media focuses on sex and violence and our kids sadly get a constant diet of this stuff.

Even when dealing with positive activities like sports teams or band or 4-H, families need to make sure they are not being stretched too thin.

Our simple belief is the family should still be the central influence upon our children’s lives. This obviously changes to some degree as our children grow older.

Family unity will not happen magically and you must work at family team building for a real closeness to develop.

We trust that you’ll love the results you get as you try them out. In order to help you remember them, we will use the concept of the “check engine light”.

Family Team Building Tips

We will call the first tip “TEAM CHECK”.

For your family team building to be successful, it is absolutely a must that you and your spouse work together as a team on issues related to parenting your children.

Every couple, though, has areas of disagreement. How are you supposed to handle this?

First, take some time to find out what those areas are. Fathers tend to be more punitive while Moms tend to be more nurturing and forgiving.

Second, develop a simple plan of compromise that you both can agree on. Be willing to give a little. That’s part of teamwork also.

And third,  set aside a specific time each month to do a monthly team check on your progress of acting as a team.

Family Team Building Fun

And we will call the second family team building tip “Family Projects”. In today’s world, you must have an entertaining way to counter-act all those things working at getting you family divided against itself.

The idea of working together as a family unit has been lost in the midst of everybody’s busy schedules. Do you think the coach of a team would sit back and watch his team grow farther and farther apart?

What can you do to create some family unity?

Schedule a short 15 minute meeting with your family to get some ideas on a “family project”. Make a list of options that are affordable and workable that you approve of.

Then take a family vote to determine the winner. Set a date to carry out this project. Make absolutely sure you start out with something SIMPLE and FUN. Keep the other ideas for future use.

Do this once a month. It will take a little bit of your time, but the benefits are priceless and will bring your family closer to being guaranteed winners.

We invite you to check out our other parenting tips, but only after you have acted on this one.

Michael and Charleen

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